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The Department of Diné Education realizes the need for a balanced education, one that calls on both universally and culturally relevant skills and knowledge. In a competitive and collaborative space, it is important for our students to attain as much information as possible before they graduate school.

This is why we appreciate our partners who are willing to come and assist our schools towards our goal to providing that balanced education. The Arizona State University Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering did just that the week of June 17 through the STEAM Camp at Rock Point Community School.

STEAM covers the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. These are some of the largest and most encompassing fields for students to learn and engage with through their academic and professional careers. These students are charged with discovering innovative ways to achieve the goals of their community and beyond through their unique perspectives and skillsets.

Dr. Shawn Jordan of ASU explained the STEAM Camp was part of a larger curriculum project that Arizona State University, DODE, and Rock Point Community School were collaborating on to design culturally relevant curriculum that teaches solar and water initiatives for the present and future.

“This required a project that acknowledged the unique context of the Navajo Nation,” Dr. Jordan explained.

Throughout the week, students gathered in the gymnasium at Rock Point Community School to design and build simple machines with this goal in mind. Students divided into teams as they brainstormed both with each other as well as the organizers of the camp. Each student designed and created their machine with the question in mind: How will this help grandma?

“This is the result of a week of really hard work from designing and building chain-reaction machines,” Dr. Jordan said during the June 21 demonstration.

Water and energy needs remain a paramount issue for the Navajo Nation, particularly with the ongoing effects of climate change and the introduction of new technologies and the opportunities and challenges that come with them. The creation and use of electricity was part of the demonstration that can be viewed on the Rock Point Community School Facebook page.