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Navajo Nation Board of Education members with former Navajo Nation President Pet

The Navajo Nation Board of Education is an 11-member board made up of elected members and members appointed by the Office of the Navajo Nation President.

The Board was established through the Diné Sovereignty in Education Act of 2005. The Board is empowered to do all things necessary and proper to carry out its responsibilities under Title 10, Navajo Nation Code.

The Board oversees the operations of schools under its jurisdiction and exercises regulatory functions and duties over Navajo educational programs.

Current Board Members:

Dr. Henry Fowler


Traditional Navajo Culture, Appointed

Dr. Pauletta White

Vice President

Administrator Representative – Appointed

Dr. Victoria Yazzie


Western Agency – Elected

Emerson John

Board Member

Traditional Navajo Culture – Appointed

Freda K. Nells

Board Member

Northern Agency – Elected

Priscilla Benally

Board Member

Eastern Agency – Elected

Sharon A. Todacheenie

Board Member

Fort Defiance Agency – Elected

Joan A. Gray

Board Member

Parent Representative – Appointed

Andrea K. Thomas

Board Member

Teacher Representative – Appointed

Spencer W. Willie

Board Member

Parent Representative – Appointed

Board of Education –
Scheduled Meetings

November 30, 2022 9:00 am, NNBOE Special Board Meeting, Virtual on Zoom

December 1, 2022 9:00 am, NNBOE Regular Board Meeting, Virtual on Zoom 

(Location, time subject to change upon Board vote)