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The Office of Diné Accountability and Compliance

assists education institutions with compliance of Federal, state, and Navajo Nation laws through monitoring, evaluation, and technical assistance.

The Office of Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment Development

conserves, promotes, and perpetuates the Diné Cultural and Language instructional programs in coordination with schools, institutions of higher education, the state department of education, community organizations and the Traditional Navajo Apprenticeship Project.

Cognia Navajo Nation

provides technical assistance to schools pursuing NCA accreditation status.  It supports the work of schools developing and implementing comprehensive plans for school improvement.

The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services

implements comprehensive special education, vocational rehabilitation, independent living programs, and services to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve self-sufficiency and equal opportunity.

The Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Assistance

provides need-based financial aid, college support, merit-based scholarships, and graduate and part-time assistance to Navajo applicants pursuing a post-secondary degree.  ONNSFA is comprised of five agency offices and the Navajo Nation Teacher Education program.

The Office of Diné Youth Development

coordinates with Navajo chapters, communities, and various youth service providers to promote socially acceptable leisure activities that meet the varied needs of youth.  It provides community-based and family-oriented alternatives for at-risk youth.  It provides career awareness opportunities to youth.

The Navajo Nation Library

The Navajo Nation Library provides free, equitable access and services that combine and integrates Diné traditional knowledge with library and information services. Our goal is to empower all Diné community members through literacy, technology, creativity, and personal and intellectual growth that will support and encourage multi-generational learners.

The Office of Diné School Improvement

improves the quality of instruction for K-12 in science, mathematics, and promotes the use of technology to enhance science and mathematics achievement in the classroom.

The Office of Educational Research and Statistics

provides quality statistical analysis on the status of education; conducts data analysis; develops and manages a comprehensive database system; and initiates new technological advances in the field of management information systems.

Navajo Head Start

delivers child and family focused services with the overall goal of increasing the social competence and school-readiness of children from low-income families.  It provides comprehensive services to children from birth to five years of age and pregnant woman and their families.  It administers a full immersion program incorporating Navajo culture and language into its curriculum.

The Johnson O’Malley program

provides supplemental funding assisting those efforts designed to meet the specialized and unique educational needs of eligible Indian students.  Diné language and culture are high priorities for JOM.  Services include: at-risk counseling, tutoring, computer lab, community-based learning centers, home school liaison, and bilingual teacher assistants.