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Education Institutional Collaboration and IT Ticketing

Navajo Education is seeking a qualified partner to deliver a Portal for Institutional Collaboration and IT Ticketing. The solution can be on premise or cloud based and should support the tracking of: Institution employees; School Corrective Action Plans, School Improvement Plans, Documents, and Tasks, Emails and Events and provide a Case Management solution for IT Ticketing for internal Staff and Portal institutions. This contract is for 3 years.

Database 003

DODE is requesting public, private professional organizations, and individually licensed professionals with relevant experience to submit applications to provide a database management system to track vocational rehabilitation services.

BID NO. 22-06-2831LE

DODE is currently accepting proposals to design and develop a socioemotional learning (SEL) curriculum for K-12 students and staff that includes content from the Navajo Wellness Model and the Navajo Nation Diné Content Standards.

RFP 638

DODE is executing a P.L. 93-638 contract and requires an aligned plan and its implementation. DODE is seeking 5 to 10 experienced individuals to assist in the development and implementation of the plan. The timeframe for work will begin immediately and end by December 31, 2021.

RFP 21-0609