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Education Committee

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The Health, Education and Human Services Committee is established and continued as a standing committee of the Navajo Nation Council. The purposes of the committee are:

  • To promulgate regulations, promote accountability to policies, and provided legislation oversight on matters involving health, social services, education, general governmental services and human services.
  • To oversee the education initiatives of the Navajo Nation by promoting academic excellence and culturally relevant education.
  • To oversee Navajo Nation efforts in implementing and ensuring compliance with labor laws and policies of the Navajo Nation and laws relating to veterans services.
  • To oversee Navajo Nation policies and priorities to optimize the delivery of social services and health services to the Navajo people consistent with the traditional practices and customs of the Navajo people.

To view the HEHSC Authority Navajo Nation Code, click here.

Standing Committee:

Daniel Tso


(Eastern Agency)

Paul Begay


(Western Agency)

Charlaine Tso


(Northern Agency)

Carl Slater

Vice Chairman

(Chinle Agency)

Pernell Halona


(Fort Defiance Agency)

Edison J. Wauneka


(Fort Defiance Agency)