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A list of Department of Diné Education staff and program contact information.

DODE Gallery

Photos from past DODE events and functions.

Federal Department of Education

Links to federal education departments can be found here.

Higher Education Institutions

The websites for numerous colleges and universities in the Four Corners region and beyond are listed here.

Organization Chart

To download a copy of the DODE Organization Chart, please click here.

Quarterly Reports

DODE submits a quarterly report to the Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President that details accomplishments, challenges, and financial data for the previous fiscal quarter. To view the accepted reports, click here.

School Directory

The directory of Navajo Nation schools is being updated. To see the most recent list from 2016-2017, click here.

State Education Departments

Website links for the education departments of the Four Corners region can be viewed here.

Teacher Resources

Audio, Video & Presentations

A collection of resourceful Audio, Video, and PowerPoint files of Department of Diné Education staff.

An American Indian Perspective on Thanksgiving

For Grades 4-8: The first Thanksgiving is a lesson told to many students across the country each fall. But the role of the Indigenous peoples are often incomplete, if not inaccurate. This study by the National Museum of the American Indian provides a template for a more in-depth discussion of their role at the pivotal moment in U.S. history.

Feasibility Study: Tribal Control of Schools on Navajo Land

Department of Diné Education Feasibility Study Navajo Nation Oversight of all Bureau of Indian Education Funded Schools on Navajo Land Educational Capacity and Financial/Operational Capacity

Trainings, Forms & Documents

Various BIE training, information material, and school standards are listed here.