NNBOE Duties and Responsibilities

Navajo Nation Board of Education Powers Under Title 10, Navajo Nation Code Section 106


Powers of the Board
  • 10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(1)(a)(i)-(iii): Monitor the activities of all BIE-funded schools and local community school boards, including assumption of schools.
  • 10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(1)(b): Report quarterly to the Education Committee and annually to the Navajo Nation Council.
  • 10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(1)(c): Report to the Education Committee of the Navajo Nation Council any instance where the Board has assumed control of community-controlled schools.
  • 10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(1)(d): Provide Guidance for School Accreditation Activities under NCA.
  • 10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(2): Solicit funds, propose budgets and plans of operation, organizational relations, and create positions.


Powers of the Board Through the Department
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(a)): Establish instructional content and achievement standards and customized CRT-achievement testing instruments, and consolidate standards.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(b)): Establish policies/procedures for carrying out the accountability provisions of federal education laws for all BIE-funded schools.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(c)): Establish procedures/criteria to license administrators for BIE-funded schools.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(d)): Establish procedures/criteria for endorsing Navajo language and cultural knowledge programs, and to certify the competency of instructional personnel to deliver them.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(e)): Receive monitoring/evaluation reports on all educational programs serving the Navajo Nation. Provide technical assistance as necessary and desired by such programs within available resources.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(f)): In cooperation with the Education Committee, develop procedures to enforce the Navajo Nation school attendance laws.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(g)): Review/Endorse/Decline elementary and secondary school curricula, teaching and CRT-materials for consistency with the unique needs of all Navajo students in schools serving the Navajo Nation.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(h)): Direct the creation and publication of curricula, teaching, and CRT-materials as needed for instruction in Navajo language and cultural knowledge.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(i)): Negotiate/recommend JPAs/MOA/MOU’s or other IGA’s as necessary to coordinate the activities of the Department with the BIE and state education departments(AZ/NM/UT)
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(j)): In cooperation with the Education Committee, oversee research on the educational achievement, problems, and needs of Navajo Nation students and school systems.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(k)): Propose needed Navajo Nation education legislation to the Education Committee.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(l)): Actively pursue funding to support the activities of Navajo Nation education programs.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(m)): Implement the procedures established under the Grant/ Contract Conversion/Maintenance Handbook. Recommend revisions to the Manual as deemed necessary. Implement the process for reauthorization of school contracts/grants.
  • (10 N.N.C. § 106 (G)(3)(n)): Establish procedures for the enforcement of Navajo Nation educational laws and implement such laws to the full extent of Navajo Nation jurisdiction.
Navajo Nation Board of Education Powers

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