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Superintendent of Schools Dr. Harold G. Begay shared the following message with Navajo Nation students of the Class of 2022:

To the graduates of 2022, Kinder promotions, 8th grade promotions, high school, college, and university graduates.

You each have reached a milestone; you have found a new sense of personhood. But first, you must now humbly express your heartfelt thankfulness to those who made your academic journey possible. To quote the late Gandhi, “… I am who I am because of who you all are.” A great deed after all is never accomplished alone.

But for the graduates, there is now a new road, a new path, for you, and this is in our Blessing Way prayer-song. Nizhoonigo wolye’, belach’ininaa, belach’inina. Or in loose translation, “There is a beautiful existence called beautiful existence, go walk with this forthwith”, or to that effect.

This prayer-song is lengthy but sacred names are used in this traditional song to cultivate self-efficacy, goodness, become self-sacrificing, build strength in mind, body, and spirit.

To all our graduates, yes, our heart speaks louder than words alone. You can now unpack your backpack and put it to good use, to public good, and with pride and humility, another quote, now, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” And may you walk in the Blessing Way path. Nizhooni doo bahozho. Job well done.