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Today, May 12, is a special day: School Communicators Day. We ask you take a moment to appreciate the outstanding work of our school communicators and professionals to keep our families and communities informed all year.

The past three years brought unprecedented challenges to the Navajo Nation from the COVID-19 pandemic. But our school communicators and ambassadors rose to those challenges and allowed our schools to continue their education roles. As we held countless virtual meetings since 2020, those communicators were instrumental in developing effective channels for clear communication that ensured our students, parents, teachers, and the entire Navajo Nation received necessary updates and news.

The pandemic showed us that clear communication is more important than ever. Our school staff showed their dedicating by providing crucial updates on safety protocols and guidelines to protect our students and families. They aided our department in bringing virtual classrooms into reality and organizing remote parent-teacher conferences and other community gatherings to ensure we could stay engaged with our students regardless of distance.

As we reached a turning point, our communicators were vital in guiding our students back into classrooms for in-person learning and continually updated safety guidelines to create accommodating and effective learning environments.

For this School Communicators Day, let’s show our appreciation and gratitude for the exceptional work that they perform every day to provide the best learning environments and making a positive impact on our students and families. Their dedication, strength, and compassion in their roles inspire us all.

On behalf of DODE, we bid you all Happy School Communicators Day!

Cody M. Begaye
Senior Public Information Officer
Department of Diné Education Administration