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With the calendar turning to September, fall is getting closer, and the holiday season is right behind it. While holiday preparations are a way off, the Office of Miss Navajo Nation took an opportunity to help the Navajo Nation Department of Diné Education (DODE) cross off an important part of the season by donating a holiday tree for the department to display in the Navajo Education Center lobby.

Office of Miss Navajo Nation Program Supervisor Carletta Benally and the 2019-2021 Miss Navajo Nation Shaandiin Parish visited DODE with two contestants from the 2021 Miss Navajo Nation Pageant, Niagara Rockbridge and Oshkaillah Ironshell, on Sept. 9 to donate the tree.

The visit was more than an opportunity to provide charity to a Navajo Nation department, it gave the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant contestants insight and experience to a crucial aspect of carrying the title of Miss Navajo Nation: donations and other acts to support communities.

Kee Ike Yazzie, Senior Planner for DODE, welcomed Miss Navajo Nation and the contestants to the department and gave them a brief summation of the Department’s functions through its 11 programs and the work that is performed daily to provide quality education at schools on the Navajo Nation.

Arranging visits to empower and educate children on the history, tradition, and culture of the Navajo people is one of the key functions of the title of Miss Navajo Nation. The Department looks forward to cooperating with the future 2021-2022 Miss Navajo Nation on these endeavors to support children across the Navajo Nation.

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