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News and Announcements from DODE Admin

Newly inaugurated Board Members Nadine Chatto and Mary Begay as well as newly elected Secretary of the Board Dellard Curley participated in the second day of the Navajo Nation Board of Education orientation on February 27.

The orientation for the new Board members gave them an opportunity to meet DODE program managers and learn more about each program’s functions and goals for each quarter as well as their ongoing goals. Program Managers Shayla Yellowhair, Brent Nelson, Verna Thomas, and Denise Thomas were among the staff who presented on Monday.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Harold Begay spoke highly of the program managers and the staff each of them oversee as part of the Department’s mission to strengthen DinĂ© language, culture, way of thinking/being, and cultivate high academic standards for students and families.

“We are proud of the [highly qualified, credentialed] staff we have on board. It is up to us, it is in our hands, our board, with our staff, our communities, and education leaders, we are here to revamp and reform the Navajo education system,” the Superintendent said.