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Learning & The Brain has scheduled a virtual webinar for December 10 at 10 am ET. Participants will be able to earn two credit hours for participation.

As stated on the Learning & The Brain website, this seminar will examine reading developments in response to the literacy experiences a child may have. Topics include brain plasticity, which is the ability to adapt based on learning that allows each student to become a reader; and how the reading brain changes over time based on two common experiences: in relation to reading interventions as well as in response to suspended reading instruction.

The learning objectives from this webinar are:

  • Define key terms such as ‘learning loss’ and reading gains.
  • Identify the impact of key experiences children have had with COVID-19 and summer vacation regarding reading development.
  • Describe the brain changes associated with reading intervention for students.
  • Assess resources for reading-related research and programs.

This webinar is hosted by Joanna A. Christodoulou, EdD, an Associate Professor at the MGH Institute of Health Professions, and Adjunct Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is a Research Affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working at the intersection of education, clinical, and research contexts.

For more information on the conference, including a full description, learning objectives, and registration, visit the Learning & the Brain website.