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As you move through K-12 learning and think about where you will go after high school, you may stop to reflect on the skills and knowledge you have acquired along the way. This then leads to wondering where you can best utilize those skills.

But the reality is while you may have the right skillset to excel in your given field, you may not have an opportunity to participate through the proper classes or any other extracurricular activities. At that point, getting into your chosen interest may appear out of reach.

DODE is excited to lead students in this situation to the National Education Equity Lab. By working together with colleges and high schools across the county, the Ed Equity Lab aims to enable high school students from underserved communities to take college courses from college professors. In so doing, those students can build the skills and confidence needed to apply to and thrive in college.

Some of the universities that partner with the Ed Equity Lab currently include Howard, Princeton, Stanford, Wharton, the University of Pennsylvania, Wesleyan, Cornell, Georgetown, Arizona State University, Barnard and Harvard.

To learn more about the National Education Equity Lab, visit their website at National Education Equity Lab | Home (