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As part of DODE’s initiatives, our department staff hold various enrichment and education opportunities at community locations for families. Since January, the Navajo Nation Library has hosted the Navajo Weaving Traditions Workshop.

Participants join host Christine Curtis to learn the basics of weaving a Navajo rug. The partipcants were provided with the loom, tools, and materials throughout the class’s duration from January 29 to February 23.

Curtis highlighted the efforts of participant Tanita Livingston (seen holding the rug up on the left), who has completed two rugs on her own outside of the class. We want to see our weavers take what they are learning in the workshop beyond the library and back to their communities. They can pass on what they know to other family and interested members who want to learn the basics to weaving.

Following the completion of the workshop on February 23, another workshop is being planned for sometime in May. Stay tuned to the Navajo Nation Library website and social media for more information.

Cody M. Begaye
Senior Public Information Officer